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Kennedy's Music World & Academia de Musica Patricia Longroño Summer Program  

In the summer of 2018 Kennedy’s Music World was part of a revolutionary abroad program. This program brought twelve lucky students from Dominican Republic's “Academia de Música de Patricia Logroño”, an academy exclusively focused on music. These students all took part in an intensive two-week music program that taught them the in-depth world of musical composition and band studies. The musical program included violin, piano, guitar, bass, and singing courses. Students were assigned to various professors that are specialized in specific instruments.


In only two weeks, these students learned what it takes to compose music and play classical compositions. Each of the twelve students left the program learning new things that each of them will use for their future endeavors as musicians. This was the first time Kennedy’s Music World has ever partaken in a program of this sort; the experience proved to be an amazing one which left the academy and all of its instructors eager to repeat the experience.

Students and Teachers Doing What They Love 

Music to Our Ears

Students Showing Off Their Skills

Students Showing Off Their Skills

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