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Program Offerings


If you are a beginner, the piano is probably the right instrument to start with. The piano is so important because it sets a foundation for note reading and learning music in general. We offer piano lessons in all styles of music from classical to jazz. Beginner students will be taught the fundamentals and will learn not only to play the piano but will also learn important concepts like counting, note-reading, and rhythm.
(Available in English and Spanish)


Guitar & Bass

For students interested in these instruments they will learn crucial things like note and chord reading. The instruction of these instruments will be aided through a book that will guide the students to practice before and after class. Once students have advanced through the course they will play along-side the teacher and rehearse songs that are composed by their professor.
(Available in English and Spanish)


At Kennedy’s Music World we have a full drum set that students will utilize and play while instruction takes place. Drums are a great instrument they'll  help students sharpen their rhythmic and note reading skills.
(Available in English and Spanish)



At Kennedy’s Music World we also teach singing lessons and will help anyone that is interested in improving their singing voice. We have a professional recording studio that is built for all students that are eager to learn. Along with the voice lessons, students will get the opportunity to compose their own songs and share their piece with friends and family.
(Available in English and Spanish)

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