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A Recording Studio for you

Recipe for Success

At Kennedy’s Music we also offer a state of the art recording studio that is available for use. Our studio is open for all genres of music. We specialize in producing and recording latin and religious music. Our studio is equipped with a mixer, computer (with cubase software), full range of microphones, and a wide range of instruments. Our studio has been used by many, including celebrities for spectacular works of music. Some of those who have utilized our studio include Fernando Villalona, Tito Puente, and Johnny Pacheco. The productions by these artists were displayed in Dominican Republic for the “Homenaje a Fernando Villalona”. Our studio at Kennedy’s Music World will help you create the music that you have always wished for and will help you propel your music career forward.  

If you are interested in using our studio please email us or call us. Pricing varies throughout clients so please make sure to contact us to get an accurate estimate. 

For more information for rates and availability, feel free to contact us.

Our Recording Studio: Service
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